The Wrapsody Hybrid Stretchy Wrap

What sets the Stretch-Hybrid apart from other stretchy wraps?

Wrapsody Hybrid Keira no. 2   @ www.nurtureandbliss.comEducators agree that most stretchy wraps are only useful until a baby reaches 15 -20 pounds (about 6 months). The Stretch-Hybrid is different – it continues to support children well into the preschool years, including functioning beautifully as a back carrier due to its specialized design.

Stretch-hybrid wraps are more expensive in large part because they are wider than other stretchy wraps on the market – 30” wide where others are about 20”. This means we can get only two carriers out of the fabric width – we choose not to cut costs here because the extra width is a major part of the functionality of our carriers. Customers are paying more for a truly artisan baby wrap that will last for many years rather than 6 months.