Comfortable. Versatile. Beautiful. Wrapsody.  Offering a variety of lightweight hand-batiked baby wraps in show-stopping colorways for every occasion. The premium Hybrid stretchy wrap is ideal from newborn to pre-school, even on the back. The gauze woven Breeze wrap is supportive and strong without weighing you down. And the WrapDuO is among the best water carriers on today’s market but doubles as an everyday stretchy wrap, with sun protection knitted right into the wrap itself.

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No one carrier will be best for every family.

At Wrapsody, we know that, and our goal is to help you choose the best carrier for your family — the carrier you will love and use, keeping you and your baby connected, beautifully.

There are so many factors in comparing products, but we’ve tried to make the job easier for you with a few handy charts. Whether you want to choose between Wrapsody’s wraps, compare the variety of baby carriers on the market, or learn more about the differences between stretchy wraps, we’re here to help. You can follow the links in this paragraph to our complete articles, or you can scroll through just the charts below.

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Help! I’m not sure which of your products is right for me!

Wraparound carriers offer both the greatest simplicity and the greatest versatility of any baby carrier. Even more amazing? You get exactly the right fit every time, offering the ultimate in comfort.

I receive many emails from customers asking me to compare our various products. Let me begin by saying, a wrap is a wrap. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses when compared with others, but all work the same way. However, minor differences in the fiber, knit or weave, hem, etc. can make a real difference. Finding the right wrap can be as easy or as hard as finding a pair of jeans that suit you.

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Wrap DuO for water and land

Wrapduo in Lagoon 14 @www.nurtureandbliss.comThe Wrap DuO is unique in that it was originally designed for a specific application – use in water. We do have many customers who use this carrier as an “everywhere” wrap (on the front only), but once your baby hits 20-25 pounds, most find it too narrow and stretchy to continue comfortably carrying a child on land. If you are submerged in water, such as in a shallow pool, this is still suitable for carrying even preschool children while keeping your hands free, but this won’t be comfortable out of the water. In summary, for showering and swimming, the water wrap is a wonderful carrier. For a stylish out-of-water carrier that folds up compactly, the Water Wrap ™ is suitable until babies reach 20-25 pounds. In fact, the high-tech sports-knit may help keep you and your baby cool and dry on sweaty days, when dancing at a wedding, or when doing gentle yoga or walking. For brief, 15-minute bursts of carrying on land, you may be able to use the Wrap DuO up until approximately 30 – 35 pounds, but you will find many more suitable carriers for this purpose.

Kristi says: Gorgeous at a wedding, perfect for the water, and cool and comfy for low-impact workouts with babies up to about 6 months of age.

More on the WrapDuo

Breeze Wraps

Wrapsody Breeze in Freya no.11 @ www.nurtureandbliss.comOur Breeze wraps are reported by our customers to be the lightest weight wrap carriers available. They are made from bottomweight cotton gauze, heavier than the gauze used to make broomstick skirts (do people still know what those are?). The gauze is not “stretchy,” but rather, supportive and strong and with the diagonal give that is necessary to make any wraparound carrier comfortable. Each has a storage pocket sewn into the end that can either hold the wrap itself while not in use or can be used to store a wallet, car keys, or other lightweight items while carrying baby.

Many customers find the Breeze wraps to be fabulous beginner carriers because the fabric is lightweight and easy to maneuver. People love them in hot weather. Because they are so light and airy, they require more precise wrapping to achieve optimum comfort. Some customers find that this helps them master the art of wrapping more quickly, but other customers find it a drawback and prefer a wrap that’s a bit more forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs, such as our Hybrid wraps. Petite mamas also sometimes prefer this wrap because it comes in sizes. Although the Gypsy Mama has comfortably carried even very large children in this wrap, if your child is over 35 pounds you may find it most comfortable for carrying 30 minutes or less. With children heavier than this, it can still be used to carry for periods greater than 30 minutes but requires more frequent adjusting for optimum comfort.

Kristi says: It’s our favorite for hot weather, for sturdy front carries, and for hip carries.

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Hybrid Wraps

Wrapsody Hybrid Jennifer no. 1 @ www.nurtureandbliss.comOur Hybrid wraps are silky and soft right out of the package like a t-shirt. Many of our customers prefer stretch wraps for newborns – there’s something about putting newborns in stretchy clothes and blankets that just feels right to us. Although these wraps are slightly heavier weight than the Breeze wraps, they are still very lightweight and comfortable even in hot weather. The tapered ends cause the fabric to seem to “melt away” when you are wrapping the ends around your waist.

Some beginners prefer Hybrid wraps because their stretch makes them so forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs. The Hybrid wraps are also nice when performing reaching tasks because of the way the wrap moves with the body like a t-shirt. Stretch wraps may seem more comforting to a sick child because of the way the fabric “hugs” the body (although Breeze wraps do dry more quickly if the illness is one that requires frequent washing). The Wrapsody family grabs our Hybrid wraps for long-term carrying of larger children (only carry large children if you are both comfortable with it – as with any other lifting task, your muscles need to be up for the job to avoid injury). It’s also our first choice wrap for back carrying around here – personal preference. The Wrapsody daddy also chooses our Stretch-Hybrid over the Breeze — he loves its “T-shirtness.”

Kristi says: Stretch-Hybrid is our favorite for back carrying, for reaching tasks, for carrying sick little ones, and it’s the resident Wrapsody dad’s favorite wrap.

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Still can’t decide after reading all this? All of our products are wonderful (just ask us!) — choose the colorway that you will be happiest wearing and let that guide you. Or, buy one of each! You certainly won’t regret having a second carrier when the first is in the wash.

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