Prefolds (infant size)


5.00 out of 5

Sweet Pea Indian Cotton Prefolds offer premium quality at an affordable price!

Diapering your baby with prefold cloth diapers costs just a fraction of using disposable diapers. The Sweet Pea Prefold’s ease of use make them a hit with busy parents.

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Size             # Weight        Color              Unwashed Dimensions      Ply
Newborn      6-10 lbs         Green                   11.5 x 13 inches        4x8x4
Infant           8-18 lbs          Purple                  14 x 16 inches           4x8x4
Baby          16-35 lbs          Royal Blue           17 x 20 inches           4x8x4

Please note the above weight ranges assume you are using the prefolds fastened with a snappi. If you use the prefolds tri-folded into a cover, then they will fit a wider weight range.

Newborn – 6-18 pounds
Infant – 12- 26 pounds
Baby – 25 -40 pounds

Please note that weight ranges are approximate, and variations can occur with differing baby builds.

100% unbleached cotton. Made in Pakistan.

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1 review for Prefolds (infant size)

  1. Sarah
    5 out of 5


    Sweet Pea Infant Sized Prefold
    Ease of Use
    *folded in 3 & placed in wrap
    Very easy-same amount of work as a pocket really!
    *used with a snappi and then the wrap
    This was way easier than I anticipated! I saw a video that showed me to roll in the edges of the prefold and then just put it on pulling the sides across to fasten.
    (It actually wasn’t all that different to putting on a pocket to begin with. I put it low down on her bum, pulled the front up high and then pulled the sides up and across. I made sure that the rolls were tucked into the creases of my baby’s legs and then fastened the two sides to the centre using the Snappi.)
    It is a two parter (I put the wrap on over it) so takes slightly longer to put on than a pocket… although since I stuff my pockets at each change it’s probably much of a muchness! It’s good for baby to air out on the changing mat!

    My baby is queen of “pooplosions” so I was very interested to see how a prefold would fair -especially as I’m a beginner! Turns out my little rolls in the creases did the job so there were no sneaky leaks and the prefold absorbed the rest!

    She looked very comfortable in her soft little prefold. I did put my own fleece liner on the inside as she’s used to a stay dry layer from her pockets. I liked how you could adjust the prefold to fit exactly right instead of having to rely on snap placement.

    Will I continue using these?
    I have to confess, my pockets are working very well for me with no leakage so I use those more. However, I will be ordering the next size up of these prefolds if that was to change. The fit is so adjustable on these prefolds and they are such good value (which is good as I have officially used up my cloth nappy budget!) I’d definitely consider using these prefolds for a newborn as it’s a much cheaper option than buying a whole set of newborn cloth nappies.

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