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There is little doubt that if you’re thinking of heading down the increasingly popular route of reusable cloth nappies for the first time (or even coming back for more with the label ‘experienced cloth diaper mama’ firmly secured under your belt) the sheer amount of brand and style choice, let alone the variation in cloth diaper itself, is overwhelming. So much so it can feel daunting.

I felt the same way when, Nancy, the owner of Canadian based Sweet Pea Diapers contacted me a few months ago to see if I might be interested in becoming the European distributor for her brand of diapers and adding it to our Olives & Applesauce family of Baby Carriers.

SPD-Large-Portrait-1A mama I am but alas (and rather embarrassingly) not one who had taken the plunge into reusable nappy land with either of my boys and not currently in the personal market for them either. That said, I, like most mums these days, was pretty much up to speed on all that is wrong with disposable nappies and of the many benefits to our babies, our pockets and our environment promoted by using reusable cloth diapers. I was interested for sure – thinking them potentially a worthwhile companion for our wonderful carriers – and so set out to learn a little bit more, both about cloth nappies in general to help me get my bearings and, more importantly, about the Sweet Pea Diaper brand.

What I found confirmed everything I needed to know to make my decision. Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers are literally loved everywhere and by everyone who uses them. Reviews on blog sites and retail sites alike give glowing reports –‘perfect fit’, ‘one of my favourites’, ‘easiest to assemble’, ‘washed very well’, ‘extremely economical’, ‘completely fell in love’, ‘using this cover more than any other I bought’ and ‘wonderfully made’. This one from the iparenting Media Awards Review does the Sweet Pea brand similar justice and sums them up perfectly:

“Sweet Pea Diapers are a rare blend of affordability, functionality and durability. In today’s tough economic times, Sweet Pea Diapers allow parents some relief to their pocket book while still providing their little ones with the ultimate in comfort and cuteness”.

So, yes, it can all feel a bit confusing at first – what is an ‘All in One’ versus a pocket diaper, what do I need to buy with a diaper cover – and yes, there is a lot of choice out there but when you look more closely and want a reusable nappy that covers all bases, is made with love and care, and does it all at a fraction of the cost of many reusable nappy brands, then Sweet Pea is it! They describe themselves as “the most competitively priced, multi-function cloth diaper on the market!” and they aren’t lying. Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers are everything that they say they are – ‘Wonderful for your baby, superb for you, great for the environment and fantastic for your wallet… bringing together all the benefits of cloth diapering; absorbent, soft, environmentally-friendly, easy to use, stylish and all the while maintaining value pricing for you!

SPD-Large-Portrait-2Sweet Pea Diapers’ journey to Europe has now begun – our first batch of fabulous colour and styles landing on Irish shores at the end of November – making them now available, accessible and affordable to mums, dads and little ones everywhere! Exciting times for sure!

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